Namecheap Customer Support Sucks – Big No to Namecheap

Namecheap provides domain registration service. The offer low cost domain registration service which makes it attractive for many buyers. Buyers feel happy with the prices they get, but a 11 months down the line, they will face the real trick.

Namecheap keeps auto-renewal option on without buyers consent, and 11 months down the line they will charge the renewal fee on your card or whatever the payment option you have chosen. The renewal amounts are typically 2 to 10 times more than the fee you paid the domain registration.

Not every Domain Buyer is very familiar with all the rules and terminologies related to Domain Registration and Renewal. So many of them end up falling to this trick like me every now and then.

I do domain registration for my business as well as on behalf of my clients. All in all I have registered more than 300 domains with Namecheap under 5 different accounts. In the first year, I was not aware of the fact that Namecheap keeps auto renewal ON for all the domains by default.

They send you a message before 30-60 days about the renewal of your domains. But typically when you are handling so many domains you will tend to receive hundreds of emails regularly and so you work based on your own alert system. My alert system said there is a month for expiration of these domains and I was in conversation with my client for the domains I need to renew for them. Meanwhile (a month before the expiration as i mentioned earlier), Namecheap auto-renewed all the domains.

I contacted their Online Support and they come with this ridiculous policies like

  1. They do not allow rolling back / Cancellation of any renewals
  2. If you insists more, then they will change the policy and say, they do not allow rollback / cancellation of manual renewals.
  3. But my domains are Auto-renewed, so I asked how they can help me. They said as an exception they would allow me cancellation this one time.
  4. Then they send me a policy text on chat and asked me to confirm. I was just about to say yes, but I read the policy and realized that they are going to deactivate the domains once the renewal is channeled although i have month more for the original expiration date (because they auto-renew 1 month before expiration). If I have to renew I need to pay $88 and then the renewal Fee.

Is this problem specific to Namecheap or is it common with all the domain registration companies like Godaddy, etc. I found Namecheap Customer Support is not customer friendly and whatever you inform them, their main objective to squeeze you for as many dollars as possible. You talk to different support executives on their Live Chat Support they come up with different Rules.

What Others have to say about Namecheap and its Customer Support

Scam and terrible service

R Lashley, Lashley.Tech, United States
These people will try and scam you. The price increases dramatically after you sign up, the prices they quote will change a lot when it does finally come time to renew. They quoted around $10 for a renewal and the next year that j

umped to $30.
Not only that, but they will auto bill you without notice for a renewal over a month before the expiration. When you then try to cancel, they cut you off at that moment, leaving you without a domain for the entire last month that you already had paid for. DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE MONEY

Namecheap messed things up and haven’t fixed it a week later

R Karlstad,  United States
Service used: Shared – Professional
You definitely get what you pay for with a name like Namecheap. All service is through an inefficient Web Chat and all they end up saying is “The do not have an ETA on when your issue will be resolved” even though they created the issue. (a part of Namecheap) does not value customers–updated

Douglas Gan,  United States
Jan. 14, 2020:

I purchased 2 email account through Neither of them would send emails through a website ‘contact page’. somehow they were always filtered out and never arrived. Using any other email host company worked fine, but when we tried to use the Privateemail accounts, the emails got lost. When I asked for a refund for the 2 email accounts (a total of $24.00), I was told that company policy is no refunds of email accounts.. No exceptions. BAD customer service and bad email filtering

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